Digre, Per Sigurd

PO Box 132
Nashua, NH 03061

Cell: 1-603-233-1166


Date of birth: 2 July 1968,  Caucasian Male

Nationality: Norwegian, (US Permanent Resident status / Green Card)

Languages: English, Norwegian & conversational German.



Aug84-Jun87 St. Olav Videregående Skole, Norway Upper secondary, Science subjects
Sep87-Jul90 University of Salford, UK BEng (Hons) in Electronic Computer Systems

The bachelor degree was a combined software and hardware course with special attention to operating systems and networking

Dec91-Jan94 GECO, Schlumberger RISE level 3

Seismic employee training program. The training-program included Safety-, Mathematics-, Geophysics- and various equipment training

Jan94-Jan95 Bond University, Australia MBA, Master of Business Administration

I chose Finance and Operations as my special field of interest during my MBA studies.


Summer 87 Government Forest Taxing  Forest Taxing Assistant
Summer 88 Borregaard A/S Vanillin-production Operator

Received bonuses for suggestions of process improvements at the chemical plant.

Summer 89 EB National Transformers Assembly Assistant
Sep90-Dec90 Royal Norwegian Navy Underwater Defense Scuba-diving, recruit

Designed & developed PC-based marine surveillance equipment. Developed software for graphical presentation for Windows using Borland C++.

Jan91-Apr91 Royal Norwegian Navy Project Minesweepers Research Assistant 
Apr91-Dec91 Norwegian Defense Research Establishment Underwater Surveillance Researcher

The research job was a continuation of a project I initiated during my national service. They could not offer me a permanent job and I accepted a much better paid job with Geco AS.

Dec91-Aug95 Geco-Prakla Schlumberger Marine Seismics Systems Engineer

Installed and operated seismic recording equipment and various onboard computer systems, including Sun Solaris (Unix). Developed several Excel-based applications for reporting.

I had a break from Feb 94 to Mar 95 for my MBA studies.

Aug95-Nov97 Telenor-Novit AS Bank & Finance Systems Systems Analyst

Designed and programmed an internal system for tracking card-production in Novit AS. The system now uses Progress v7.3 and has been extended to reformat input & output for PIN-production and control the whole process from input from the card-order-systems to the output of internal card-productions or output to external card-production. Redesigned and rewrote most of Choice Hotels bonus-card system to meet demands of internationalisation (with danish and swedish offices). Also converted their application from Progress v6 to v7.3 on Unix. Contributed with leadership, design and programming of the basics for the new Novit Card-Administration System (NKS) in Progress v8.2 for NT and Unix. Supervised the integration of Tuxedo based C applications with Progress. Managed a group of 5 students doing their final-year project in Novit, whereas two of them continued as employees. I also managed consultants responsible for integration of Tuxedo messaging middleware with Progress.

Jan98-Sep01 Progress Software Corp Web Development Software Consultant

Working primarily with Webspeed, web-applications and Progress RDBMS. Have worked with several clients and have gained expert knowledge on DHTML in particular, but also on anything with Web and networking. In this period I worked 18 months with Pierce Leahy / Iron Mountain's PlusWeb/SafekeeperPlus asset tracking system, 8 months with FiServ, Unify's Netspeed mortgage application, and various work for NxTrend's clients Stanley Tools, GirlScouts Of USA and United Refridgeration Inc interfacing their eSales to Java and ASP. 

Sep01- Progress Software Corp Web Development / Eclipse Principal Software Engineer

I transferred to Development to help out with Progress' Dynamics. To begin with I worked remotely from home in Phoenix, but later relocated to work from Progress's office in Nashua, NH. I have been developing the Javascript / DHTML frontend for Dynamics Web and major parts of the backend. From 2003 the focus has shifted on Java and Eclipse. My pet project Progress 4GL Plugin for Eclipse got a lot of attention, which I also received a bonus for. It finally resulted in a corporate wide strategy to change all tools to the Eclipse framework.


Available on request.